Tuiscint na Talún


an education project exploring possibilities in decolonization and land reconnection in Ireland


Listen to the wisdom of the land..

Tuiscint na Talún can translate from Gaeilge as ‘wisdom/understanding of the land’. This is a project about locating the roots of our most significant predicament, our separation from the land, in continuing colonial histories, systems, and ways of knowing and being. While our focus is on Ireland broadly as the place we dwell and live, our scope is global in the ways we seek to understand and resist against the modern/colonial world-system.

Anglophone settled Irish culture is a product of colonial violence that exists on the back of the historical destruction and continuing marginalisation of Gaelic culture and the land. Gaelic culture is instrumentalised in modern Ireland in ways that reduce it to craic, ceol, and sport, while more significantly political, existential, material, and spiritual elements of the culture are erased from daily life and society. The land suffers badly, with Ireland having more polluted waterways than not, being one of the most heavily deforested countries in Europe, and is continually mismanaged for profit in the capitalist economy with many beings already extinct and others threatened.

Tuiscint na Talún is about exploring the possibilities of the disruption of modern/colonial ways of knowing and being, the revitalisation of older ancestral ways of knowing and being, and what these processes may teach us in the midst of climate collapse, the sixth mass extinction, the collapse of Western modernity & civilisation, and potential human extinction.

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Courses and classes

We offer courses and classes that range from one off talks to several-week long courses that will equally challenge you and equip you with conceptual tools for understanding the many crises of modern society. Space is made in every event for discussion and co-learning. Follow on Instagram or Facebook to receive updates about activities.

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We can be booked to speak about the topics that Tuiscint na Talún encompasses at your event. This includes lectures, seminars, conferences, meetings, symposiums and so on. Please get in touch and we can discuss the specifics!

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You can book a 1-to-1 session with Tuiscint na Talún for advice on academic or scholarly work, for consultations on related professional projects and endeavours, or simply to pick up a topic you were drawn to from our activities, podcasts, or writing. Please get in touch and we can discuss the specifics!