Éist leis an Talún

Éist leis an Talún (Listen to the land)

Éist leis an Talún is a project focused on creating audio field recordings from places of ecological and cultural significance on the island of Ireland. It is an effort to allow non-verbal and more-than-human stories to be heard and to document the effects of noise pollution on the land at this historical juncture.

We often don’t account for the impact of noise pollution that is nearly all-encompassing around the planet. It disturbs not only our own experiences of being in the land, but interferes profoundly with the lives of more-than-human beings. Most beings, plant, animal, or otherwise, depend upon the sensorial realms of sound to make decisions and live their lives fully. Even the disturbance of an airplane overhead or a truck on a road nearby can alter a being’s lifecourse. There has been much research into this impact: link.

In Ireland particularly it is difficult to find anywhere that is not impacted by the sounds of modern human society. This project is an effort to draw attention to this, but to also create opportunities for people to connect with specific places on the island through sound. Éist leis an Talún is part of Tuiscint na Talún’s wider call for us to listen to the land in order to begin mending our badly damaged relationship with her.

Recordings are currently being made available through the Reclaiming the Silver Branch online subscription on Patreon.

“The task of listening presents itself also as an ethical orientation, towards knowledge as relationality” – Rolando Vázquez

“Silence isn’t the absence of something, but the presence of everything” – Gordon Hempton