• Standard subscriber tier for the Reclaiming the Silver Branch exclusive online monthly content package. Included in the monthly package is: (1) At least one story, folktale, or myth reading accompanied with some discussion and analysis from within decolonial and other critical theory frameworks. The analysis is aimed at being relevant for the current time in navigating climate breakdown and colonial modernity. The stories will be primarily from Irish folklore and mythology, with some others that may make their way in. (2) At least one long audio recording from a place of cultural significance in Ireland. This recording has many potential uses. It can be used for your own meditation, contemplation, relaxation, or in helping you to re-connect your senses with sacred places across Ireland. (3) At least one ‘audio walk’ where you can listen along as I walk to a place of cultural significance in Ireland. This will usually accompany the longer audio recording of the place as I walk to it. (4) Potential other bonus tidbits here and there as they dream themselves into being manifested! This could include pieces of lore, recipes, podcasts, and who knows what else. Your support allows me to spend the time creating this content, so the more support it gets, the more that will make its way into the goodie bag each month.