Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Mission Statement

Participants in the activities of Tuiscint na Talún should be aware of the following:

The purpose of Tuiscint na Talún

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Frameworks and approaches

Tuiscint na Talún is informed primarily by decolonial, Indigenous studies, and postcolonial knowledge traditions and some other social justice centered knowledge traditions that are adjacent or complementary. We acknowledge that the unlearning and relearning processes are ceaseless and lifelong.

We operate from an understanding of modernity/coloniality as a system of totalising violence across all spheres of life, not as a ‘single issue’ or ‘past events’.

Many of the approaches used by Tuiscint na Talún are influenced and inspired by the work of Indigenous scholars and activists who have articulated the imperative for decolonizing our minds wherever and whoever we are. This is our attempt at creating opportunities to explore what this means for us in Ireland. We can never be ‘indigenous’ or ‘decolonized’ in our individual lifetimes (read the post on this – coming shortly). Our work is one of undoing, unlearning, and relearning so future generations may have a chance to live from a more ethical and grounded place.

Cultural appropriation

It is never our intention to appropriate Indigenous knowledges or attempt to overlay them on a different cultural context where they don’t fit. We are aware of the power dynamics and ongoing violent histories surrounding white people stealing, appropriating, and misrepresenting (and just plain not understanding) Indigenous ways of being and knowing over the past number of centuries. We seek to be self-reflexive and endeavour not to misuse Indigenous knowledges in our own work. We will always endeavour to appropriately cite and credit where particular ideas, methods and frameworks have come from. We will never let ourselves off the hook or think we’re beyond the possibility of mis/appropriation.

Knowledge justice

We undertake this work in part as a knowledge justice project. This means recognising that Western (modern/colonial) ways of knowing are not universal, as they have been positioned and enforced to be. There are many diverse ways of knowing and criteria that can be used to produce knowledge. Tuiscint na Talún is not seeking to create new universals.

Commitment to safe spaces

Tuiscint na Talún considers creating a safe and welcoming environment of paramount importance to how the project operates. A focus on the abolition of oppressive societal structures is integral to our work. We do not discriminate based on gender, gender expression, race, phenotype, class, ability, sexual orientation, bodily form, religion or creed, cultural background, life duration, nationality, citizenship, legal status, or marital status in any of our activities.

This work is for everyone

We are aware of the dynamics involved in charging for spaces such as the ones we run. Our activities will nearly always include tiered pricing and/or some free spaces to bring as many people in as possible. We are not trying to turn huge profits. We do not have any institutional backing or funding at this time. The more secure our basic needs are, the more generous we can be with pricing and spaces.