Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions / Mission Statement

Participants in the activities of Tuiscint na Talún should be aware of the following:

The purpose of Tuiscint na Talún

Tuiscint na Talún is dedicated to cultivating decolonial approaches to Land and ancestral (re)connection on the island(s) of Ireland.

Tuiscint na Talún creates spaces for people to consider and challenge many of the dominant thought patterns, philosophies, and assumptions that underpin modern society in Ireland. Through this prism we explore radical alternatives grounded in the knowledges of Gaelic culture, the scholarship and activisms of Indigenous peoples, and other global liberatory knowledges and practices.

Foundations and approaches

Tuiscint na Talún is foundationally informed by multiple social justice centred knowledge traditions. These include the many intersections of: decolonial, Queer, Indigenous, Black, feminist, anarchist, postcolonial, Global South-centric, & other knowledges.

The approaches taken by Tuiscint na Talún owe to Indigenous peoples around the planet who, through scholarship, research, activism, art, and cultural work, have articulated the imperative for decolonising our minds and re-centring indigenous values and cultural practices wherever we are, no matter how deeply buried they may be from our lived realities. This is our attempt at re-membering, re-centring and living those values and practices.

Cultural appropriation

As mentioned above, Tuiscint na Talún is heavily informed by various approaches from Indigenous peoples around the world (predominantly Indigenous scholars in territories occupied by Anglophone white-dominant settler nation states). It is never our intention to appropriate Indigenous knowledges. We are aware of the power dynamics and violent histories surrounding white people stealing, appropriating, and misrepresenting Indigenous ways of being and knowing over the past number of centuries. We seek to be reflexive and endeavour not to misuse Indigenous knowledges in our own work. We will always endeavour to appropriately cite and quote where particular ideas have come from.

Knowledge justice is social justice

We undertake this work as a knowledge justice project. This fundamentally means recognising that Western ways of knowing are not universal. There are many diverse ways of knowing and criteria that can be used to produce knowledge. Tuiscint na Talún operates in the pluriverse of knowledges, at the borderlands of modernity.

Commitment to safe spaces

Tuiscint na Talún considers creating a safe and welcoming environment of paramount importance to how the project operates. A focus on the abolition of oppressive societal structures is integral to our work. We do not discriminate based on gender, gender expression, race, phenotype, class, ability, sexual orientation, bodily form, religion or creed, cultural background, life duration, nationality, citizenship, legal status, or marital status in any of our activities.

Liberation is for everyone

We are acutely aware of the dynamics involved in charging for spaces that platform and promote liberatory knowledges. We believe that this knowledge needs to be promoted, shared, and produced by everyone in society. Our activities will nearly always include tiered pricing and/or some free spaces to bring as many people in as possible.